Heathers 2018: I am Not Looking Forward to This

Recently, it seems that there’s a new Heathers trailer that came out. Now I am a huge fan of Heathers myself, I love the movie and the musical. Heck, I even cosplay as Heather Chandler. Upon hearing the announcement for a TV show adaptation, I was honestly excited for what was going to happen. However, the trailer got released and it just screams representation gone wrong and ignoring the entire plot of the original.

As you can see, the producers decided to make Heather Chandler fat, Heather Duke a Trans/ Queer Character, and Heather McNamara a WoC while Veronica remains a straight white slim woman. I personally have no problem with diversity in casting but this isn’t how it’s supposed to work for the Heathers. The Heathers are supposed to be a group of girls who are privileged, rich, and popular. Essentially, the Heathers represent social norms for American women and they have earned a high status at Westerberg high for it. Thus, making the Heathers into what they are in the¬†trailer makes no sense and destroys the plot of the original if they are planning to follow it.

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Firstly, look at Heather Chandler. In the original version, Chandler was supposed to be the main bully of the school and constantly made fun of girls who weren’t thin. This was the main reason why Martha Dunnstock was a target for bullies, she was fat. So why does Heather Chandler look like one of her victims?

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Secondly, we have Heather Duke being a Trans/Queer character. This is a huge problem towards the plot of the original. A majority of LGBTQ+ people in real life are not as privileged as a Heather. Caitlyn Jenner and Laverne Cox are possibly the only trans people who have a lifestyle like the Heathers. Meanwhile, other queer teenagers don’t have that privilege. I should even add that in the movie, Kurt and Ram were murdered but it was made to look like a gay suicide pact. Nobody accepted gay people in the movie or musical until Kurt and Ram were killed. So how would Kurt and Ram’s murders work out in the TV show when one of the Heathers is already queer? Also, why would a Heather be queer from the start if again these were the kind of kids who would get bullied by the Heathers? If you want a queer Heather there is a way to do it. Make McNamara a closeted lesbian or bisexual this way it can connect with her depression in a way after Kurt and Ram get killed. From time to time there are moments when gay people can be accepted, but nobody would expect the person who bullies queer people to be a lesbian or Bi sexual. It just makes more sense that way.

Now I am not going to get on Heather McNamara. A PoC Heather has been done before in the musical with an Asian woman playing Heather Duke. However, the elephant in the room is that Veronica is still a straight white girl. This is following a common trend where queer or fat representation is given to the bad guys and not the good guys. This is commonly known as queer-coding fat-coding villains. So all in all, I am not excited for this Heathers reboot as it will stray really far from the plot and possibly ruin the Heathers as a whole. It’s offically time for Hollywood to stop doing these reboots and start to make more original content.


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